Your writing is a breath of fresh air

Nick Styne former CAA

That was the best opening to a kids film I’ve ever read.

(TURF) Steve Herek

I can’t believe this is one guy? Wow!

Mayne Berke

you’re an exceptional writer

Walter Josten

Preston is an exceptional writer it seems like ever time we speak he has another hit script

Wayne Overstreet

You’re a star but no one knows it yet

Doug McHenry

Preston you have incredible range

Poppy Hanks

You’re ahead of your time

Jill Andrade

I love this script!

Blu & Rahkai) Jonah Greenberg and Chin Jen CAA

Preston’s writing style is pure and undisturbed

Stepp Stewert

Dude is Dope!

Danielle King

You’re a rare talent; I’m surprised you don’t have an agent yet.

(Company of a Carpenter) Ryan Abboushi CAA

Preston’s so good the shits not fare!” (3 Old Cats & A Lady)

Noel Adams

Preston is the truth!

Autumn Bailey